A workshop on Sustainable Development was conducted under the Civil Engineering Association, Castellos of Sree Buddha College of Engineering Pattoor on 2nd October 2015, Gandhi Jayanthi. The workshop was led by Dr. E.K. Bhass, HOD of Civil Engineering Department and programme organisor’s Miss Meera.G.Mohan and Miss Jency James, Assistant Professors of Civil Engineering department. 

Vertical gardening was the area of focus for this workshop keeping in mind the idea of reduction of waste plastic bottles, soilless cultivation, unattended watering, growing more food in less space and reduce, reuse and recycle concept. The workshop was organized for the first years as a part of mini project for the subject “Introduction to Sustainable Engineering” to create awareness and social responsibility among the youngsters. Materials used are: ·         Waste plastic bottles – 1 litre / 2 litres ·         Cocopeat with organic manure ·         Vep mixture (vepinpinnake) ·  Pseudomonos (antifungal organic manure) The grow medium for the plant was prepared by mixing cocopeat with organic manure, bone meal, vep mixture (vepinpinnake) and pseudomonos (antifungal organic manure) in right proportions. 
Two one litre/ two litre waste plastic bottles are taken. The caps are tightly sealed for both the bottles and the bottom part of one of the bottles is sliced off using an axe saw. Perforations are made near the cap area of the second bottle and it is inserted through the cut off portion of the first bottle in such a manner that the cap of the second bottle comes inside the first bottle. Plastic threads are inserted connecting both the bottles for hanging purpose.
This arrangement is made so that the upper bottle is where the grow medium is filled and the plant is actually planted whereas the lower bottle acts as a water reservoir which gives necessary moisture to the grow medium by capillary action