Centre for Forensic Structural Engineering Studies - March 06, 2017

Inaugurated and established on Feb 10, 2017 @ 10.00am Conference Hall, Library Block

 Established Under Department of Civil Engineering Centre Coordinator: Dr E V Nampoothiri  
 With rapid economic development, increased design sophistication, more-and-more daring construction technology and accelerated project delivery, came the proliferation of structural failures throughout the world. Engineering investigation and determination of the causes of structural failures of buildings, bridges and other constructed facilities, as well as rendering opinions and giving testimony in judicial proceedings, often referred to as Forensic Structural Engineering, is emerging as a field of professional practice of its own. 
   Along with the possibility of estimating the capacity of existing structures, the lessons learned from Forensic investigations contribute to improvement of codes, standards and practices to avoid similar failures in the future. The current academic curriculum, either at the UG level or at the PG level, does not bestow importance to Forensic Engineering studies to the desired level.   
 An exclusive center for studies related to Forensic Structural Engineering - ‘Centre for Forensic Structural Engineering Studies’ inaugurated and established on 10th February 2017 in Sree Buddha College of Engineering holds the reputation of first of its kind in Kerala. Sri. P Vishnu Potty, Director (retd), Kerala State Forensic Science Lab, inaugurated the function, shared his experiences as a Forensic expert and emphasized the importance of application of Forensic science in Engineering through a couple of case studies.  
 The vision of the “Centre for Forensic Structural Engineering Studies” is to groom a team of experts proficient in using sophisticated instruments, undertaking engineering investigations and making learned engineering judgements for the determination of the structural capacity, and identifying possible causes of failure as well as proposing retrofitting methods. Emphasis will also be on imparting value added training to UG and PG students to pursue a career in Forensic Structural Engineering.