Alumni Executive Body

Since SBCE opened its doors in 2002, over 1400 students have become engineering graduates. SBCE Alumni association was formed in 2006, an SBCE fraternity platform to strengthen the bond between alumni members. Annual meetings are conducted every year to renew their friendships, experience the transformed campus environment with nostalgic memories and interact with the younger generation of SBCE. Executive Body Ex-Officio President : Dr. S Suresh Babu, Principal Chairman : Mr. Ajith Raj (CS, 2007) Vice- Chairperson (Faculty) : Ms. Remya R, Asst. Professor, BT Vice- Chairperson (Student) : Mr. Vivek S. (CS, 2008) Secretary : Mr. Manoj Narayanan, Asst. Professor, BT Joint Secretary : Mr. Faisal M. (BT, 2008) Treasurer : Mr. Anil Kumar, Asst. Professor, ME