THRISHNA – A guide to the straight path 3rd chapter - February 07, 2018

The department of civil engineering of Sree Buddha college of Engineering, Pattoor had successfully completed the third chapter of the “Thrishna – A Guide to Straight Path” on 8th Feb 2018. Thrishna is a colloquium session initiated by the dept. of civil Engineering to assist the young budding engineers to become professionals in future. The third chapter keynote speaker was the system administrator of Sree Buddha College of Engineering, Mr. Jayaprakash, on the topic “Open Source Software”. Open source software is a methodology that promotes the free distribution and access to a products design or ideas and implementation details. In this session; he explained the scope and importance of developing open source software. The session also included the familiarization of “MOODLE (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment)”, a platform for the students and teachers to share their ideas. This is basically an online teaching solution. The session found very useful for the various faculty members. The colloquial session was honoured by the presence of head of the dept. of civil engineering Dr. E. K. Bhass and Dr. Gopakumar, Dr. Gowry Antharjanam and various faculty members