Parents Teachers Association (PTA)

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the Academic Council of the college consisting of the Principal, members of the faculty and Management meet regularly and review the overall functioning of the institution. PTA discusses various issues of the students and find out the measures to solve the problems of students if any. Parents interacts with the teachers and monitor the progress of their children in the college. PTA meetings are conducted on a regular basis. Every year new executive committee members are selected. The Principal will be the ex-officio president. The secretary will be a senior staff member.  

 List of  PTA Executive members for academic year 2015-16 
                    Honorary Members of PTA 
 Prof  K. Sasikumar             Honourable Chairman, Sree Buddha Educational Society 
 Prof V. Prasad                   Honourable Secretary,  Sree Buddha Educational Society 
 Sri K. K. Sivadasan            Honourable Treasurer,  Sree Buddha Educational Society 

 PTA President                   Dr. S. Suresh Babu       Principal, SBCE, Pattoor 
 PTA Vice President            Mr. S. Jayakumar         9400418182 
 PTA Secretary                   Ms. Ragimol                 AP, Department of ECE   

Executive Committee Members

 Heads of Department 
 Department     Name                           Contact number 
 BT/BCE          Dr. Giridhar R. Nair        9645762883 
 CS                  Mr. Anil A. R.                9447477577 
 ME                 Mr. Anilkumar V.            9947258310 
 CE                 Dr. E.K. Bhass               9400459777 
 EEE               Prof. S. Arumugasamy   9495697608 
 ECE               Ms. Ambika Sekhar        9446204252 
 ECE               Ms. Ragimol (HOD i/c)    9447102551 
 BS                 Prof. John Mathew          9447804109 
 HRD              Dr. C.N. Somarajan          9447024095

Members of Faculty 

Department      Name                           Contact number 
 BT/BCE          Dr. Manoj Narayanan       9847814871 
 CS                  Ms. Reeba R.                  9446191031 
 ME                 Mr. Gokul O.                   9447988318 
 CE                  Mr. Anup Joy                  9846249006 
 EEE                Ms. Juna John Daniel      9895610435 
 ECE                Mr. Vishnu V.S.               9947062806

No Name Email Contact Number
1 Mr. B Anilkumar . 9846936306
2 Mr. Balakrishnan P.V . 9447978112
3 MR. BIJU.C . 9895590315
4 Mr. G. Shanakaran Nair . 9446307721
5 Mr. Jacob T.I. . 9446195832
6 Mr. John Koshy . 9446481135
7 Mr. NarayananNamboothiri . 9400138656
8 Mr. NazarKunju . 9446191246
9 Mr. S.Jayakumar . 9400418182
10 Mr.V K Sreekumar . 9447272528
11 Mr.Vijayan . 9497760476
12 Mr.Viswanathan Nair . 9400554428
13 Ms. Suja Thomas . 9961855781
14 Ms.SobhaThampi . 9447596109