A *Yenthiran* is getting ready to pull down the jackfruit from the tree

A *Yenthiran* is getting ready to pull down the jackfruit from the tree.
It works through a motor-driven machine system.

The Machine was formed as part of the final year project’s discussion to be useful, different, and innovative, by the Mechanical Department, *Sree Buddha College of Engineering, Pattoor*.

It started with the idea given by *Shaji, Chakkamukku* from Kollam, in the seminar on the *value-added product of jackfruit* in the Food Technology Department.

This invention is the result of the efforts of *Kiran Kumar S, Suraj S, Pranav P, and Ritwik R*, final year students of the Mechanical Department in the College, and teachers *Dr. Trijo Tharayil, Mr. Abhilash S. Krishnan, and Mr. Anil Baskar*.

Contains *machine nails* for attachment to the tree. It can be controlled from under the tree, for
opening and closing of the nails.

The work is done easily, with the help of *height adjustable scythe*, the machine nail is raised and hung on the plow branch.

The jackfruit is cut by a specially prepared tool which can be brought up and down using a *pulley attached to the machine nail*.

The weight of collected jackfruit is brought down with the help of a pulley.

One of jackfruit cultivation’s most difficult aspects is *obtaining undamaged jackfruit* from the tree.

The students realized that the solution using innovative technologies is essential.

The present form has been reached through various observations and experiments as part of the ongoing discussions that took place for several months.

The basic discussion was that it should be *lightweight, easy to handle, and portable*.

The most difficult factor was sourcing lightweight machine parts.

The project and the machinery as seen were prepared using what was temporarily available.

The machine is ready on a commercial basis with many changes and modifications.

Students have also begun the process of obtaining a patent for the operation of the current machine. After completing their education, *they aim to start as a start-up and produce commercially*.

They have reached this goal with the help of the College management, teachers, and other colleagues.

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