ALIMENTO -where food meets tech

We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to the upcoming “Alimento: Where Food Meets Tech”, hosted by Sree Buddha College of Engineering.

Scheduled on
16th of October, 2023.

This exciting event is brought to you by:
Department of Food Technology
Department of Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering
In collaboration with:
FROZA and IE(I).

Program Highlights
✨ Awareness Talk: Immerse yourself in the world of Food Technology and Biotechnology with enlightening discussions by experts.
Cooking without Fire: Discover the magic of fireless cooking – a fun and delicious way to prepare your favourite dishes.
Poster Making: Unleash your creativity through poster making, and showcase your vision for the future of food and tech.’
Sensory Test: Sharpen your taste buds as you engage in a sensory journey to explore flavors and textures.
Food Quiz: Test your food knowledge with our thrilling food quiz, where exciting prizes await the brightest minds.
️ 360 Meals: Satisfy your appetite with our special “360 Meals” option, a 360-calorie culinary delight available only based on preorders.

Experience a tasty and nutritious meal that perfectly complements the theme of the event.
Venue: Sree Buddha College of Engineering Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to experience the fusion of food and technology.
We promise an event filled with learning, excitement, and plenty of delicious surprises.
For registration and further details,

Please contact us at Hari Narayanan-7025627390 (whatsapp), 8138885195.

Let’s explore the future of food together at Alimento: Where Food Meets Tech. See you there!

Best regards,
Dr. Malu Ravi

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