Advisory System

Immediately on admission to the college each student will be assigned to a faculty member called Staff Advisor for that batch,who will open a student file for personal and academic details. The student and his parent can have frequent interaction with the Staff Advisor. After the release of result of each examination the details will be recorded in the student file. The Staff Advisor will record any outstanding performance or disciplinary action, misbehavior etc., in the student file.

Chief Advisor : Prof. Thomas MathewList of Staff Advisors

Advisors for III & IV semester (2017 Admission)

BT Branch : Ms. Malu Ravi
Ms. Lekshmi R Babu
EC Branch : Mr. Jayaraj V S
Ms. Pooja S Mohn
Ms. Manjusree S
CS Branch : Mr. Arun P S
Ms. Dhanya Sreedharan
CE Branch : Mr. Unnikrishnan S
Ms. Ritzy R
Ms. Jency James 
EEE Branch : Ms. Abhilasha Parthan
Mr. Nandan G
ME Branch (A) : Mr. Arun Mohan
Mr. Kalesh K K
Mr. Ratheesh R
ME Branch (B) : Mr. Amjith T R
Mr. Arun Mohan

Advisors for V & VI semester (2016 Admission)

BT Branch : Ms. Meera Bai S
Ms. Anju Raj
EC Branch : Ms. Pavitha P P
Mr. Sabi S
Ms. Alex V
CS Branch : Mr. Gopu Darsan
Ms. Soumya Murali
CE Branch : Ms. Regi P Mohan
Ms. Meera G Mohan
EEE Branch : Mr. Ananthu Vijayakumar
Ms. Juna John Daniel
ME Branch (A) : Mr. Sreekumar S
Mr. Akhil K V
Mr. Vaisakh Y
ME Branch (B) : Mr. Sreekumar S
Mr. Akhil K V
Mr. Vaisakh Y

Advisors for VII & VIII Semester (2015 Admission)

BT Branch : Dr. Manoj Narayanan
Ms.Lekshmi R Babu
EC Branch : Ms. Jasmin Basheer
Ms. Athira Shaji
CS Branch : Ms. Lakshmi S
Mr. Ariya Raj S
CE Branch : Ms. Sreelekshmi S
Ms. Namitha Chandran
EEE Branch : Mr. Vishnu J
Ms. Anju G Pillai
ME Branch (A) : Mr. Renjith Raj R
Ms. Vidya V
Branch (B) : Mr. Kiran Sankar M S
Ms. Kalpana Ashokan 

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  • Affiliated to Kerala University

  • Kerala Technological University

  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified Institution
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