A new UG program on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is proposed under the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

About the Program

Artificial Intelligence (AI), also known as Machine Intelligence essentially deals with developing super smart machines, tools, and devices that can understand, predict, analyze, and draw absolute strategies for finding solutions to the given task. Precisely, these ‘machines’ are ‘computers’ that can mimic cognitive or thought process of the human brain, but at many notches ahead to achieve the set targets. Machine Learning (ML) is all about high-end algorithms, mathematical models, statistics that help to categorize, store, and analyze a large set of multi-dimensional data. This aids in predicting the current and future trends in business sectors using data analytics. Often referred as Predictive Analysis in the business sectors, Machine Learning lays emphasis on logic, and knowledge-based approach to perform the given task. Globally, both these domains are often referred as capstone courses at the undergraduate and post graduate levels drawing upon computer sciences, information technology, mathematics, medicine and linguistics. AI and ML complement each other, thus opening new vistas, providing ample challenging work opportunities for those looking forward to scale greater heights in their career.

Relevance and Opportunities

The fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two domains that are playing significant role in the fast-changing world of advanced technologies. In the last few years, both these areas have emerged to be the driving force that is being applied, not just to provide automation but also to tackle real life problems. AI and ML are an eclectic mix of algorithms, that are implied in a wide range of applications, be it in engineering, pure sciences, research, and development, medical, and linguistics amongst various other areas. Experts in both these domains are going to be in persistent demand worldwide, with more and more corporate conglomerates in India and abroad realizing its potential. The latest trends in AI and ML are aiding different business sectors and even professionals in reimagining the viability of varied possibilities in data predictions, analysis and optimization of possible potential scenarios, and successfully tackling the given tasks. Multinational Companies like TCS, EY etc. often have greater demand for AI and ML professionals. In future, more and more industries will be using AI and ML, driving tremendous growth in the job market. Specific Jobs for the trained professionals in these areas include; Machine Learning Researchers, Machine Learning Engineer, Business Intelligence (BI) Developer, Data Analysts, Business Analysts etc.

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  • Kerala Technological University

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