Research Facilities

The institution has research centers in Mechanical and Civil Engineering departments. Most of the labs have sophisticated equipments and software to support research activities. The central library subscribes 3000 e-journals of various disciplines and 104 printed journals. Also the library has DELNET and ENLIST database which is having many number of e-books and other information. The institute provides 25 Mbps leased line for internet access. The faculty can access the internet from their staff room utilizing Wi-Fi connectivity. The research facilities available in the Institution under various Departments are listed in Table below.

Faculty Expertise available with the institution

Department Lab Facility Available
Mechanical Engineering Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) centre Equipped with high end computers and CFD software FLUENT.
Nanotechnology Research Centre Equipments for synthesis of Nano-particlesEquipments for production and characterization of Nano-fluids
SPACE Technology Lab Cryogenic chill down experimentation facility(Work in progress)
Biomechanics Lab Workstation and ABAQUS software
Plasma Lab Work in progress
Civil Engineering Structural Dynamics Lab Dynamic testing Facility using horizontal shake table
Geotechnical Lab Analysis of geotechnical problems using MIDAS GTS sotware
Electronics and Communication Engineering VLSI Design Lab Mentor graphics, Cadence tool,Xilinx and FPGA for high end digital design, ATHENA/ATLAS Software

Research facilities in different departments
The expertise of faculty of various Departments and their areas of research interest are provided in the Table below.

No. Faculty Area of research Department
1 Dr.Sudhi Mary Kurian, Dr.Sunil Kumar B, Dr.Seema K Nayar, Dr. Anu V Thomas Construction Management Civil Engineering
2 Dr. Suresh S, Dr.Anitha Joseph, Dr.Saraswathy B, Dr. Bindhu S, Dr.Sirajuddin M, Dr. Sajeeb R, Dr.Nazeer M Structural Engineering
3 Dr.Bushra I Geotechnical Engineering
4 Dr. Najee M, Dr. Udayakumar J, Dr. Ayoob S Environmental Engineering
5 Dr.Reebu Zachariah Koshy Transportation Engineering
6 Dr. K K Abdul Rasheed Cryogenic Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Mohammed Sajid N.K
Dr. K.A Shafi
Dr. Rijo Jacob Thomas
7 Dr. J Nazar, Dr. Jose Prakash M, Dr. M.C. Mohammed Ali, Dr. Thilakan H, Dr. K.E. Reby Roy Heat transfer and fluid flow
8 Dr. D Roshan Kumar, Dr. Dileeep P.N, Dr. S Jose, Dr. A. Sadiq Manufacturing
9 Dr. Shajahan C.A, Dr. Nizar Hussain M Industrial Engineering and Management
10 Dr. Aju Kumar V N Design
11 Dr. C Ushadevi Amma Instrumentation Electrical Engineering
Dr. K Bijuna Kunju Power Systems
Dr. Imthias Ahmed T P
12 Dr. K. Gopakumar Signal Processing Electronics and Communication Engineering
Dr. Unni C semiconductor nanomaterials
Dr. Sheeba O Image Processing
Dr. T A.Shahul Hameed Microelectronics
13 Dr. K B Radhakrishnan, Dr. A S Abdul Rasheed Chemical Engineering Heat transfer Chemical Engineering
14 Dr.Dili A.S. Climatology Architecture
Dr.Sumam Panjikaran A. Church Architecture
Dr.Santhosh Kumar K.G. Vernacular Architecture
Dr. Annie John Architecture,Urban Planning
15 Dr.Premlet B Nonlinear dynamics and chaos Physics
16 Dr. Mathew Varkey, Dr. K Geetha Graph theoryLinear algebra Mathematics
17 Dr. D Chitraprasad Computational geometry Computer Science and
18 Dr.Nadeera Beevi S Compilers and Optimisation Computer Applications

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