Food Technology


Report on World Food Day Celebration: “ALIMENTO- where food meets Tech”

Date: October 16th, 2023

Organized by: Department of Food Technology & Department of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering in association with FROSA

On October 16th, 2023, the Department of Food Technology and the Department of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering in association with FROSA celebrated World Food Day with an event titled “ALIMENTO – where food meets Tech.” The event aimed to raise awareness about food safety and sustainability, as well as to showcase the culinary talents of students through various programs.

Awareness Program:

An enlightening awareness talk on the topic “Eat right, stay healthy” was delivered by guest speaker Ms. Sreelekshmi S Vasavan, a Food Safety Officer from Mavelikkara. Her presentation included discussions on existing laws and acts related to food safety, various types of food adulterants, and the importance of consuming healthy food for the well-being of future generations.

Cooking Without Fire:

A cooking competition was held exclusively for SBCE students. The contest featured seven enthusiastic participants who were judged by Mr. Amjith T R (Assistant Professor, Dept of Mechanical) and Ms. Neethu J (Assistant Professor, Dept of BT and BCE). The competition consisted of two rounds. The winner, Mr. Athul (Dept of EC), showcased exceptional culinary skills and creativity, earning him the first position and a prize of Rs 1000. Ms. Avani secured the second position.

Poster Making:

Another contest for SBCE students, the poster making competition witnessed the participation of 28 talented individuals. The honorable judges, Mr. Sree Kumar (Assistant Professor, Dept of Mechanical) and Ms. Reji (Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering), presided over the event, which had two rounds. The first round focused on the theme of “Zero Hunger,” and the second round was centered around the theme of World Food Day: “Water is life, water is food, leave no one behind.” Mr. S. Unni Krishnan (S1 CE) secured the first position, while Mr. Anson B Vilson (S1 CE) received the second position

Sensory Test:

The sensory test was organized for higher secondary students and was judged by Dr. Shilpa Lekshmi (Department of BT&BCE). Participants from 10 different schools took part in the competition, with a total of 25 contestants. The competition featured five rounds, with different sensory tests in each round. Ms. Jyothika J (GHSS) was crowned the winner, receiving a prize of Rs 5000, and Ms. Arya (VVHSS) secured the second position with a prize of Rs 3000.



• Impart valuable skills to the ministerial staff members.
• Facilitate technology transfer to enable additional income opportunities for the participants.

On April 20, 2024, Sree Buddha College of Engineering, Pattoor, in collaboration with the Department of Food Technology and the Department of Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering, organized a one-day skill development program focused on fruit processing, with a primary emphasis on mango, which is currently in season in Kerala.

The session was facilitated by Ms. Rema Unnikrishnan, an esteemed figure renowned for her exceptional achievements in entrepreneurship and agriculture. Ms. Rema Unnikrishnan’s accolades, including being honored as the best lady entrepreneur in both Alappuzha district and Nooranad panchayat, receiving the best farmer award, best entrepreneur award by KVK, among others, underscore her expertise and dedication in the field. Sixteen ministerial staff members participated in the program. Their eagerness to learn and engage was palpable throughout the session.

The program encompassed hands-on training on various aspects of mango processing. Participants were guided through the preparation of raw mango squash, ripe mango jam and jelly. Additionally, the trainer imparted knowledge on long-term preservation techniques for mangoes.

The skill development program was highly successful, as evidenced by the positive feedback received from all participants. The participants expressed satisfaction with the content and delivery of the training. Moreover, they appreciated the opportunity to enhance their skills in mango processing and suggested having more training sessions in this regard.

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