Electrical and Electronics Engineering


The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering is dedicated to the current needs of industry with the flexibility to tune its programmes according to the different requirements. Application of the state of the art technology in various fields is one of the main focuses in the activities of the department. The department is well equipped for training the students with a streamlined curriculum that provides an ambient atmosphere for learning and acquiring new skills. The department focuses on providing sound theoretical background as well as good practical exposure to the students for their future endeavors.Hence the following laboratories are actively utilised

Electrical Machines Lab
Power system & High Voltage Engg Lab
Measurements and Instrumentation Lab
Electronics Circuits Lab
Power Electronics Lab
Systems and Control Lab
Microprocessor and software Lab
Electrical and Electronics Workshop
PG Systems Lab
PG Research Lab
Seminar Hall



In order to fit into the modern era of technology advancement, the Dept. of EEE lays considerable importance to in-house research. Due to the presence of a PG programme in the dept. in the area of Electrical Machines, much of the researches take place in this domain. These researches are carried out by the PG students, under the guidance of various faculties of the department. Some of the research topics in this domain are as follows:

  • Design of new kind of electrical machines, for e.g. design of rotary linear switched reluctance motor for applications involving hybrid motion
  • Position, speed & torque control of various electrical machines through different methods, for e.g. Sensor-less control of BLDC motors
  • Development of environment friendly electric drives, for e.g. Implementation of low cost converter for an autonomous photovoltaic water pumping system
  • Development of energy saving schemes, for e.g. Energy regeneration during the braking of electric vehicles
  • Fault detection in various machines, for e.g. Novel bearing fault detection and analysis of induction machines.
  • Development of sensors for condition monitoring of electrical machines, for e.g. Development of cost-effective sensor for estimation of dissolved moisture in transformer oil

To support these researches, in addition to the regular electrical machines lab, there is a full-fledged research lab in the dept. with custom designed Induction Motor, BLDC motor and SRM motor drives and their controllers for analysis and also advanced machine design & control software such as Maxwell, Simplorer and MATLAB. Apart from the research carried out in the PG stream, many developments are also done by the UG students under the guidance of various faculties in the dept.


Apart from highly equipped Central Library the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department separately owns a standard library. This Department Library has several foreign and well known publishers’   books and study materials related to Electrical Engineering along with the textbooks and reference books prescribed by the University of Kerala as part of the Electrical Engineering curriculum. The Department is proud as the Faculty Members and students rely on the library faithfully for their reference, development and  research activities.
Apart from the above mentioned texts and references the Department also take initiative in subscribing to various Technical Journals and Magazines. The Faculty Members and students having IEEE Membership help in updating the Department.



 Basic Electrical Engineering Workshop

Basic Electrical engineering workshop is intended to make the students aware of the basics of electrical engineering which includes different types of wiring, measurement of energy etc.

Lab in Charge: Ms. Chama R Chandran   Technical Staff: Mr. Sudheesh M S


Electrical Machines Lab

This lab facilitates different ac and dc machines. This lab gives students an idea of starting, speed controlling, loading and different other experiments in electrical machines.

Lab in Charge: Mr Sheleel F               Technical Staff: Ms Chitra P

Power system & High Voltage Engg Lab

This lab facilitates different hardware and software experiments in power system which includes major experiments like impulse wave form generation, different types of relays, earth resistance measurement, cable and transformer oil testing etc.

Lab in Charge: Ms Gayathri V                  Technical Staff: Ms Chitra P

Measurements and Instrumentation Lab

This lab facilitates different types of transducers used for measurement in the field of electrical engineering.

Lab in Charge: Ms Juna John Daniel      Technical Staff: Ms Chithra P B

Electronics Circuits Lab

This lab facilitates different electronic circuits using semiconductor switches like opamp, diodes, mosfet, jfet, ICs etc.

Lab in Charge: Mr. Ananthu V   Technical Staff: Mr. Sudheesh M S

Power Electronics Lab

This lab facilitates different types of firing circuits of SCR, diac, triac, MOSFET and drive for DC motors. It also includes software simulation of variable speed control of different motors.

Lab in Charge: Ms Vijina K             Technical Staff: Ms Chithra P B

Systems and Control Lab

This lab facilitates different types of servomotors, time response circuits, controllers and control circuits.

Lab in Charge: Mr Vishnu J                   Technical Staff: Mr Ratheesh

Digital circuits and Embedded systems Lab

This lab facilitates microprocessors 8085 and 8086, microcontroller 8051 and experiments in IC trainer kits.

Lab in Charge: Mr Sreekanth P K           Technical Staff: Mr Ratheesh R

PG Systems Lab

This lab facilitates different simulation softwares like matlab, maxwell and psim.

Lab in Charge: Ms. Abhilasha Parthan    Technical Staff: Mr. Ratheesh R

PG Research Lab
 This lab facilitates different special electrical machines with their driver circuit and software supporting them.

Lab in Charge: Ms Abhilasha Parthan    Technical Staff: Mr Ratheesh R


Seminar Hall

A well equipped seminar hall with more than 100 seating capacity.

In Charge: Ms Sindhu V              Technical Staff: Mr Sudheesh M S

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