Civil Engineering



Lab-in-charge: Mr Pradeep P    Technical Staff: Ms. Manjula Devi S

Survey laboratory houses both conventional and modern equipment for practical surveying. The equipment available are LYNX Measuring Chain – 20m, LYNX Measuring Chain – 30m, LYNX Cross staff, LYNX Ranging rod, LYNX Offset rod, Measuring Tape – 30 m, Arrows, LYNX Prismatic Compass with aluminium stand, LYNX Plane Table with all accessories, LYNX Dumpy Level with aluminium tripod and all standard accessories, LYNX Auto Level with aluminium tripod and all standard accessories, LYNX Levelling Staff (4m), LYNX Standard Vernier Theodolite with aluminium tripod and all standard accessories, LYNX Planimeter with box, Total Station (Sokkia CX105), wooden mallet, wooden peg, distance meter and hand held G P S.


Lab-in-charge: Mr Ashok Mathew    Technical Staff:  Mr Renjith C R

This lab provides facilities for various tests for cement and concrete which includes test for compressive strength, flexural strength, fineness, and mix design of concrete etc. The main equipment include AIMIL AIL-317E-AN-2 Compression Testing machine (2000 KN), Electrically operated single phase with three load guage of 500 KN, 1000KN, 2000KN, LYNX Sieve Shaker (Gyratory motorized), Test Sieves 20 cm Diameter- 90 microns, LYNX Vicat Needle Apparatus, Le-Chatlier’s Mould with 2 glass plate & 1 Lead wt., Le-Chatlier’s Flask, Longitudinal Compresometer with dial gauge, Compaction Apparatus, Vee-Bee Consistometer, LYNX Tile Flexure Strength Testing Machine, LYNX Cylindrical Metal Measures (15 lit), Density Basket, Vibrating Table (500×500 mm), Slump Testing Apparatus, Needle Vibrator, Cylindrical Mould (150 x 300mm), Beam Mould ( 100 x 100 x 500 mm), LYNX Cube Mould (150 x 150 mm) and LYNX Steel Cube mould (70mm).


Lab in charge: Ms Regi P Mohan         Technical Staff: Mr Syam Raj S

The laboratory has facilities for conducting practical classes for undergraduate programmes. The undergraduate students are being encouraged to take up topics in the field of Geotechnical Engineering for their project work by making use of facilities available in the laboratory. Various equipment available in the lab are LYNX Direct Shear Apparatus (motorised), Dial Guage (0.01 X 25mm),Proving Ring (2 KN), Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus, Dial Guage 0.01 X 25mm, Extractor Frame for 38mm diameter sample with mould, Soil Permeability Apparatus, Overhead Tank for soil Permeability, Rammer – 4.89 kg X 450 mm free fall, Rammer – 2.6 kg X 310 mm free fall, LYNX Consolidation Apparatus with Dial Guage, Proctor mould (Gun metal) 1000cc, Rammer – 2.6 kg X 310 mm free fall, Test Sieves 20cm diameter in Brass frame 4.75,2.36,1.18,2,1,600 microns,425 microns,300 microns,150 microns and 75 microns, LYNX Liquid Limit Test Apparatus with counter, LYNX Shrinkage Limit Apparatus, Soil Hydrometer and High speed stirrer, Core Cutter, Pycnometer, LYNX Sand Pouring Cylinder (Large) and measuring Cylinder – 1000 ml, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml.


Lab in charge: Ms Indhu V S        Technical Staff: Mr Syam Raj S

The objective of the strength of materials lab is to demonstrate the basic principles in the area of strength and mechanics of materials and structural analysis to the undergraduate students through a series of experiments. In this lab, the experiments are performed to measure the properties of the materials such as impact strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, hardness, ductility etc. The equipment available are Impact Testing machine Krystal Elmec-Model KI300, Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine- Krystal Elmec, Brinell Hardness Testing Machine, Fly wheel, Compound Pendulum, Torsion of wires, Universal Testing Machine, -Model-UTK 100 – Make Krystal Elmec, Torsion Testing Machine – Model – 77K 50 – Make Krystal Elmec, Stop Watch and dial Gauge with Magnetic Stand.


Lab in charge: Ms. Aswathy Lal      Technical Staff: Mr Syam Raj S

The Transportation Engineering Laboratory is equipped with facilities for testing of Aggregates, Bitumen and Soil. The laboratory is fully equipped for conduct of regular experiments at UG level and consultancy works. Various equipment available in the lab are Abrasion Testing Machine, Ring and Ball Apparatus (motorised), Standard Penetrometer, Ductility Testing Machine, Crushing Value Test Apparatus, Test Sieves 30cm Dia, Thickness Gauge, Length Gauge, Density Basket, CBR Test Apparatus, Impact Value With Counter and Compression Testing Machine.


Lab in charge: Ms Jency James      Technical Staff: Ms  Manjula Devi S

The environmental lab serves to acquaint students with the details of water and wastewater analysis for water and wastewater treatment. The lab is well equipped with Flame Photometer, UV- Visible Spectrophotometer (Double beam), BOD Incubator, Laminar Air flow cabinet (Vertical), Auto Clave (Vertical) and COD Digestion Apparatus.


Lab in charge: Ms Namitha Chandran;      Technical Staff: Ms Sindhu O

This lab deals with the study of various distinctive features and tools used in AutoCAD in civil engineering drafting. Advanced Design and analysis softwares used are STAAD-PRO V8i, STAAD-PRO FOUNDATION, RESIST, AUTO CADD 2014, TOTAL STATION and MS PROJECT 2013.


Lab in charge: Mr Unnikrishnan S    Technical Staff: Ms Manjula Devi S

This lab is intended to conduct the practical sessions of the first year B-tech students. Training sessions like setting out of building, area and volume calculation of building and building components, making of brick bonds and basics surveying using levelling instruments are conducted by using this lab facility. The items present in this lab are Micrometer(0.25mm), Aluminium Spirit Level, Hacksaw Frame, TAPARIA Pipe Wrench 14″, TAPARIA Screw Spanner 12″, Plumb Bob, Plier 8″, Vernier Calipers (0-25mm), Pipe vice 2″, Tape 15 m, Tape 5m, Try Square 10″, Screw Driver, Scale 1m(Steel), M.S.I Beam 4″, M.S. Angle 50 x 6, M.S. Channel 3″, aluminium rectangular box channel, wash basin, Europian water closet and flush tank.


Lab in charge: Ms Ritzy R     Technical Staff: Mr Renjith C R

Structural dynamics lab has testing facility for vibration testing and data analysis. Various lab equipment include Horizontal Shake Table with Electronic Cam ( Harmonic Base Motor), Vertical Shake Table, Experimental Models Shake Table Instrumentation (Accelero Meters, Data Acquistion System and Vibration Analyser Software).


Lab in charge: Indhu V S        Technical Staff: Syam Raj S

The lab mainly facilitates the post graduate students and the research scholars to conduct the experiments related to structural engineering. Some of the facilities available in the lab are Loading Frame (100 T) 5m X 3.1m, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocitymeter, Data Acquisition System. DT-800, DATA TAKER, AIM 388 Concrete Test Hammer, Rebar Locator, Accelerated Curing Tank, Vicat Apparatus, AIM-400. Le-Chatlier Mould, AIM-414 Mould Steel for 70.6mm Cube size, AIM -344 Mould Cast iron for 150mm Cube Size, AIM-349 Cylindrical Cast iron Mould (150 x 300), AIM-346 Beam Mould (100 x 100 x 500mm), AIM-334 Slump Test Apparatus, AIM-05325 Sieves (20cm dia Brass frame X 90 micron), HITTACHI Marble Cutting Machine, HITTACHI Chap Screw Cutter, Hydraulic Jack 1000 KN Capacity with guage and hand Pump at 5m long pressure flexible hose, LVDT 25mm Load Cell 1000KN (Flat Top) with Digital Indicator, Digital Guage 25mm travel ( 0.01mm Least Count), LYNX Cube Mould (150mm), LYNX Cylindrical Mould (150 x 300mm), LYNX Beam Mould (100x100x500mm), LYNX Cube Mould (100mm), Manual Operated Hydraulic Floor Crane (1Ton) and 1/2 Bag mixer Machine Heavy Duty with 3HP Electric Motor.

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