Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering


Programmes Offered

B Tech in Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering

B Tech in Food Technology

M Tech in Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering
The Department of Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering is a diverse and powerful faculty encompassing unique expertise in chemical engineering and life sciences. The School is recognized nationally as well as internationally for its research quality and output and for training students to be industry-ready professionals. The graduates show peer-recognized expertise, sustained learning and adapting to an ever-changing domain of professional development and entrepreneurship. The course broadly encompasses the study of the molecular processes of living systems and use of organisms for the large scale production of pharmaceuticals and recombinant proteins. Specific areas include biological chemistry, metabolism, enzymatics, structural biology, molecular cell biology, molecular genetics, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and systems biology. This department is accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) since November 2019.
Started in 2002, the Department of Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering, has established an unparalleled reputation in teaching and research in a short span of time. Having collaborations with DBT, Oushadhi, HLL Lifecare Limited, Aeka Biochemicals, Sangroe Laboratories, FACT, Department of Nanotechnology, Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education, Sree Narayana Institute of Ayurvedic Studies & Research, the department actively nurtures manpower development by offering 4-year B.Tech (Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering) and 2-year M.Tech (Biotechnology& Biochemical Engineering) courses affiliated to APJ KTU. The department is also an approved research centre of KTU for PhD program. The highly competent and experienced faculty, with 4 PhDs and 6 M.Techs/MSc, have inspired excellence, innovation and strong entrepreneurial skills. The students are exposed to domain-experts by way of attending to seminars, symposiums, workshops and conferences at national and international levels. The department has specialized laboratories with modern equipment and qualified lab staffs for training the students. The students engage in carrying out in-house projects under the guidance of our dedicated faculty, which help them foster scientific temper and technology-driven innovation. The students are further empowered with a department library with over 1500 reference books and international journals, as well as, a sophisticated computer lab enabled with internet connection. The extracurricular and nascent skills of the students are nurtured by the activities of the department association – BUDS, Energy and Environment Conservation Club, The Institution of Engineers (India), Pixel Club and Journal club.
The Biotechnology career advancement and reorientation facility funded by the department of biotechnology, Govt of india, is a dedicated bionanotechnology research centre in the department. The centre trains students in various aspects of nanotechnology and sensors and is equipped with sophisticated analytical facilities that nurture quality research. The key areas of research & development activities of the department focus on molecular diagnostics, nanotechnology, biochemical engineering, bioprocessing, metagenomics and biofuel technology. Notably, the institution had funded a project on human genome mapping of ethnic populations in Kerala to unravel the historical perspective of anthropological origin of races. The research findings have been published in international journals. The department has taken a lead in social responsibility and harnessing energy from waste by training neighboring households in the use of aerobic bins, conducting awareness programs and surveys in order to safeguard the environment from hazardous wastes and enhanced bioconversion of organic waste. The department has developed and implemented technologies that make the institution self-sufficient in hygienic cleansing products.

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